Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pink says, "Gotta Get Up and Try, Try, Try!

What an inspiring song from Pink... and all the emotions that come with getting up and trying..
It's so easy just to let time slip by, keeping busy and preoccupied with distraction but when it comes to what makes us feel whole, happy and balanced, there is nothing like stopping to assess and evaluate where we are inwardly. When we try something new and push past our comforts what is often experienced is a sense of wonder, self-love and appreciation.

Simply the act of creative attention on a new attitude, new approach, new intentions set to make life more fulfilling can bring great joy.

We pass through so many phases in life and chase ideas and ideals. When we take off the mask our perspective is altered. We can never assume anything about what's "out there". We can only clear the smoke around us with a willingness to drop the illusion and dive inward to see what's "in there!"
Believing in our spiritual potential is an important part of newness. Believe in yourself and the vision you hold. Continue to expose yourself to subtle action that moves it along. There are invisible forces at work for you because things don't happen to you, they happen for you.

Here are concrete ways to experience the New You and experience the Love that is you:

Be safe and comforting to others
Be kind
Be giving
Be innocent
Be consistent
Be compassionate

Aspire to reach new ways of "Being" and I promise the New You will appear and open the door to your heart wider than you ever imagined!

For more insight check out The New You: Practical Steps to Loving Your Life


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