Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Delicious Vegetarian Broth

Everyone likes something new in their life.  Something new AND healthy, that’s even better.  For centuries, people have been using traditional bone broth for health and well being and add to various recipes.  Huffington Post recently published an article listing the ten foods people don’t want to see anymore and number one on the list is bone broth.   “Meat juice” isn’t the only broth around these days. Hormone-free, free-range meat is often difficult to find in grocery stores.  What if there was a delicious vegetarian broth out there that added nutritional value to your daily consumption and could be used in recipes like soups, stews, quinoa, and other grain dishes?
That is where King’s Broth comes in. 
 King’s Broth is a vegetable broth instead of bone.  It is a vegan, organic, gluten free broth that tastes as good as it sounds.  The five core broth flavors are curried vegetables, Southwest, Thai coconut, mushroom medley and Italiano.  With multiple flavors available, the possibilities are endless! 
King’s Broth’s chef is Craig King.  He has developed a way to best deliver this delicious, high mineral broth to the public and is serving it at Whole Foods Markets, PEARL STREET, Boulder, CO.  The King’s Broth staff are waiting for you to soothe your soul with some healthy, delicious Broth.  Check out our website: and like us on FB here:

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